February 04, 2018

Video Highlights:

00:13 - How To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically
00:47 - The Strategy To Grow Your Instagram Account
01:39 - How To Use Hashtag To Grow
02:39 - My Twist To The Gary Vee $1.80 Strategy
03:21 - Make A Commitment
04:38 - Free Shopify Course

Video Transcript:

What’s going on guys, it’s your boy Santana with ElevatedWithin.com coming to you with another Shopify video. The only thing is that we’re not going to be talking about Shopify today-we’re going to be talking about Instagram, the power of Instagram and how you can actually start growing your account organically.

This is a strategy I learned from Gary V, he calls it a $1.80 strategy and I simply started it implementing it as soon as I heard it, and soon as I started implementing it and giving more and approaching the 51,49% mindset-I started getting results.

Let’s go ahead and jump straight into Instagram so I can show you what I’m
talking about! Like I said earlier Gary V calls it a $1.80 strategy-I’ve added a slight twist to it.

The goal of this actual strategy is to throughout the day tap into 10 hashtags and 9 posts within each hashtag. What that’s going to do, is going to allow you to have 90 engagements with accounts that either can contribute to your success or provide you with an audience that may be interested in your actual product.

You have to genuinely comment in and genuinely show care in what the person is showcasing so this strategy can actually work. Commenting lit or cool or smiley face is not going to cut it.

Let me go ahead and jump into a few hashtags here, let’s just use the hashtag motivation. So, here’s my first hashtag that I’m tapping into. You can see here in
the hashtag, there’s going to be these top 9 posts that are going to have a good
amount of likes, a good amount of engagement. If my goal is to inspire others to
grow their business, then I’m going to be looking for entrepreneurs, people that
really, truly want that daily inspiration so the motivation hashtag does work for me.

If people are in the comments, agreeing with the post, “your past calls don’t
answer-there’s nothing new to say”, people are going to engage and what you
simply want to do is you want to be a part of this conversation –“Your past can
never hold you back” and post.

After you post it simply just scroll through and “heart” a few of the actual
comments, and what this is actually doing is when you’re commenting, you’re
comment is visible to everybody who is viewing or coming in after you. You’re
also coming in and liking other peoples comments because they’re also going to
get a notification to add a little bit more visibility to your brand.

Just genuinely “like” and “heart” these actual comments, the true focus is on what you truly comment. If you don’t have anything genuinely to comment-don’t
comment, because all you’re going to do is hurt your brand.

You simply want to just truck along, go on through, go to the next post, find a
picture that works for you, go to the next hashtag. You want to do that every single day. If you want to do more-go for it, but try not to do less.

Try to find a routine that’s going to work for you, if you’re on a 9 to 5 and you go on lunch, simply spend 5-10 minutes to really sit there and engage and really hustle to generate your sales or connect with others. If these people are buying –they’re already interested in your product.

You’re going to want to find more people like that, so you have to put in the actual footwork up front and then going forward you’re going to be able to start scaling and dive into retargeting and work on your advertisement-I’ll get into that in other videos.

Using this strategy, I started seeing engagement, I started seeing my following
increase. The following is not the most important thing- it’s quality, it’s having
people that actually care about your service, care about your product and truly
want to see you win.

So, that’s what it really comes down to. When you spend more time caring about somebody else, in return you’re going to be able to grow as an individual and you’ll see that everything that you’ve put in-you’ll get back tenfold.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you haven’t already-go in the description, check out my free Shopify course where I show you guys how to build a store, how to find products, how to get your first advertising going and a few extra bonus content completely free to you guys.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow and I hope you guys enjoyed this video!

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