February 08, 2018



Video Highlights:

00:10 - Top 5 Shopify Apps You Must Have On Your Shopify Store
00:47 - Create Urgency In Your Store
01:26 - Lets Talk About Social Proof
02:15 - Make Your Customers Buy More
03:33 - Email Marketing Is A Must
04:14 - Don’t Leave Money On The Table
06:00 - Frequently Bought Together
07:13 - Increase the Average Order Of Your Customer
08:57 - Free Shopify Course

Top Shopify Apps - Video Transcription

Welcome back to my money making machine!

Santana here with the apps that every Shopify Store Owner needs!

Some of the apps are paid and some are free.

You decide what works for you based off my recommendations!

Hurrify- Countdown Timer

If you saw my video on how to improve your actual store conversions, you know that I spoke heavily on scarcity. (Creating that urgency to get the customer to buy  your product)

Hurrify creates that urgency to make someone want to take action.

It is currently $6.99/month with a 2-day Free Trial.

If you are into coding, drop a comment below and I will create a video of a code that you can drop into your Shopify Store that gives you this countdown timer for FREE.

Sales Pop by Beeketing

One of my favorite apps simply because it creates social proof.

Once again, please check out my previous improve your conversions video for more info.

Sales Pop shows you that someone bought your actual product.

So, me as a customer, I’m looking at your products and I can see the notification of people buying the product.

It’s showing the customer:

  1. Your store has traffic.
  2. People trust your store because others are buying.

Sales Pop is a completely free app so please install it!

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

It’s automatically updated.

Let’s say I activate “Free shipping for orders over $100” then you go to my store and add a product to the cart for $10.

The Free Shipping Bar will then update by saying “only $90 left to get free shipping!”

And when you have $100 in your cart it will update with “Congratulations! You’ve got free Shipping!”

What this bar actually does is it entices your customers to reach a milestone/goal. So, if they only added one product to the cart, then see they can get free shipping by adding more, you end up increasing the value of each customer.


Drop a comment below if you guys want to see more specific videos on the Free Shipping Bar by Hextom!

MailChimp for Shopify

MailChimp is completely free for the first 2,000 subscribers.

It allows you to create powerful automatons, targeted emails, and campaigns. All in one easy and clean interface.

There are other paid email marketing apps, but either way you need to set something up for this purpose!

Abandonment Protector Plus

Let’s say your customer is at your store, they select the product, enter payment, and then something happens (phone rings, someone at the door, dog pees on the rug, etc…). And then they never actually hit purchase!

Abandonment Protector Plus sends a follow up email with something like, “Hey we noticed you didn’t check out! We saved your cart for you and are giving you a %10 percent discount to make your buying experience that much better.”

What this does is bring back in the people that really did want to buy your product!

It costs $8.00/month with a 21-day Free Trial.

Frequently Bought Together by Upsell

Very much like the feature on Amazon where they show you the items that others are buying when they look at a similar item.

It costs from $5.99-$6.99/month with a 14-Day Free Trial.

Do not worry about seeming “spammy”, we are living in the Amazon/Online Shopping age!



Basically, a post purchase upsell app!

 Let’s say I add a water bottle to the cart, and make payment. Zipify will notify me by saying “I noticed you ordered a water bottle, how about a water bottle holder?”

As soon as I hit buy on the water bottle holder, the card is automatically charged.  It’s a one click upsell!

It’s kind of a pricey app but very important in my opinion.  It costs $47/month.

If you are getting a lot of traffic to your store this is the app for you! This drives one more sale to every successful one you make!

That’s all I have for you guys, please comment below if you want a more detailed description of any of these apps.

If you haven’t already please check the link in the description below to my free Shopify Dropshipping Course!

See you guys in the next video!

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