November 13, 2017

Video Highlights:

00:12 - How to Optimize Your Shopify product page
00:19 - What I encounter with Shopify store owners
00:51 - Stop Overthinking The Process Keep It Simple
01:47 - What Every Shopify Product Page Need To Include
02:03 - How to have good product images
02:28 - Your Product Description Need Love
03:21 - Make Your Customer Feel Safe When Buying
03:59 - Why Social Proof Is So Important
05:19 - How to make your customer buy your product NOW!
06:22 - Example of great product images
08:26 - Product Description That Sale “Keep It Simple, Invoke Emotion”
10:06 - Great Use of Trust Seals
11:38 - Reviews are a MUST! “No if and or buts”
13.24 - Scarcity Plays A Huge Role In Getting Your Visitors To Buy
17:06 - Keep It Simple
17:40 - Same Product, Different Price
20:14 - Reviewing Shopify Store Live
20:20 - Free Shopify Course

Video Transcription

What's going on! It's your boy Santana coming to you with another Shopify video! As you all know I'm with, and today we're going to talk about how you can optimize your actual Shopify pages, so your customers actually start buying your products.

I can't stress enough how many times I see stores spending money on getting traffic and they're not spending time on their actual product pages. Today I'm going to show you guys the key things that every single product that you're pushing needs to have.

Let's go ahead and jump straight into my money-making machine so you can see exactly what I'm talking about!

One of the most important thing that a lot of Shopify store owners do-especially when you're just getting started is that you overthink things, so just keep it simple-simple is best! Invest your time into your actual product, doing your actual product research, giving your product titles and descriptions- that's what you need to spend your time. 

Once you have an established audience and you know you have products that are actually good then you can start building out your store. Later in this video, I'm going to go over a few stores as an example, show you different kinds of stores and show you the simplicity of them and just how effective they are and why they're top Shopify stores.

In order for you to have a very good product page there are certain things that need to be included. First, the pictures of your items-try to get pictures of the item being in use or being worn. The reason why this is so important is because, if you think about all these clothing brands, if you go to the mens aisle or the womens aisle they always have a model wearing the actual clothes.

This allows a customer to invision themselves wearing the product, so if you have an item whether it is a bracelet, whether it is a necklace, whatever products it is you're selling try your best to actually have the product images in use or worn. I'll show you some examples of that shortly.

The next thing that you want to make sure that you include is descriptions-having some engaging descriptions. I can't tell you how many times I see people that are either dropshipping and just using the Orberlo or AliExpress and just copying and pasting the generic description into their product page.

This doesn't create any story, it doesn't engage your customer. You want your descriptions to have some kind of personalitty, the same way the pictures allow your customers to invision themselves wearing the actual product-the actual description allows your customer to understand the feeling and the emotion of the product. You have to keep things engaging!

Next, you want to have trust seals. You have to understand that people are coming to your site from an advertisement, people are a little sketchy when they get on a site to buy an actual product, so you want to have certain trust seals like checkout badges, secure payment, money back guarantee, 30-day refund. You want your customer to feel comfortable opening their wallet to go ahead and buy your product.

Social proof is so important. For example, there's an app called Sales Pop, which just pops up on when somebody's on your store and says "Hey, Anthony just bought this item from New York, and it just goes on and on, and it just is shown that there's traction on your site and people are already buying, because nobody wants to be the first person to buy from your store.

They're wary- why are people not buying, but when they see that there's activity on your store,that other people are buying they are more likely to be like okay,people are buying from them, they trust them, they must be doing good and that's why social proof is so important but also the reviews as well.

I can't tell you enough-spend time getting these reviews, especially if you're dropshipping from Aliexpress or any other supplier. They typically have reviews there, simply import them, there's an app on Shopify that's called Ali Import, it just imports your Aliexpress reviews, there's lox reviews-plenty of review apps that allow you to import reviews. If you're not dropshipping and you have an actual product, do everything possible to send post purchase emails to get reviews from your customers so that way you can create more of that social proof.

 Scarcity. There's something about it that psychologically just gets your mind when you want it. For example, I'll show you a little bit of what scarcity is-including countdown timers, "hurry, get this offer!", "only available today!", "limited quantities available", those are scarcities, letting your customers know to act now, like you're not going to have another opportunity to get this becuse this deal is just for an x-ammount of period, get free shipping today only. These are the things that you need to be including to be able to get your customer to take action a lot faster.  

Now that you understand the key metrics that you need to have on your actual product page to improve conversions, but to offer your customers the best experience and keep them coming back.

Let's go ahead and look at some examples, and I have some of them pulled up already. Let's start with Fashion Nova. If you don't know Fashion Nova-they're probably like the number 2 popular store on Shopify. What they do so well is that every single product that they have is being worn by somebody. They're never showcasing a product or a piece of clothing that is just on a white background.

Every item is being displayed or worn by a model, and what this does is that this allows the customer to not only connect with a model that they feel they're closely represented to, but it allows them to invision how the actual item fits on the model. Then everybody understands like, okay I like the way that looks-they would invision it, so they're more likely to go ahead and buy. This is what I was meaning by showcasing the product being used.

Let's take a look if I can showcase another example. Here's Colorpop-the number one Shopify store. You can take a look at how their images are, it allows you to see the quality of the actual product.

Here's another product image having the product in use-and these are all top stores but look at how they keep it simple, they're being used, the products are being showcased here in use and that's so important.

We have another store here where there are images of the products being used. Using this image as an initial one is fine but I would prefer to see it being used. However, they are still including it because one-it's very important to allow your customers to invision themselves using the actual product-that's number one!

The next thing on our list is engaging descriptions. Let's look at some descriptions, see here "Do you feel annoyed when you are preparing cooking ingredients in the kitchen? If so, this is the most user-friendly product that you will love." , here they're recreating a feeling -"Do you feel annoyed" and if you are annoyed you're going to continue reading. It's short, it's simple but it's still better than anything that you just import from an actual supplier, or you just don't put a description at all.

It's very important that you take the time to understand the product and you sell it. You need to use your description to sell it in a short and invition manner. Let's take a look at this here, here's another description "We know that facial hair always pops up when you least need it. We also know how annoying it is when we can't remove it before meeting that someone!", so you can see that the description is used to invoke an emotion inside of somebody, so you're going to be able to be succesful in converting them to buy this actual product.

Let's take a look at this "We'll be frank, it's our favorite palette yet. Full of warm coppers and rich romantic mauves. It complements multiple skin tones and satisfies all your moods", and once again they're triggering emotion within the customer to go ahead and buy.

Let's look at Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova keeps it so simple because they already created an actual brand for themselves, you can see they simply put all the actual product details, however they are highly effective with everything else that they're doing.

Next, let's look at some trust seals because we need to add some credibility. It doesn't always need to be an actual seal, but these are trust seals: "100% satisfaction guaranteed", "Easy returns", "30 days money back guarantee", "Secure ordering", "Guaranteed safe chackout". Then they have "Fast Delivery", "99.4% reviews recommneds this product".

Once again, Color Pop is well known for their brand, so they already are established, so there's not more or less of a need for them to create these kind of seals because of the fact that they've already built their brand up and have that authority in there.

Same thing for Fashion Nova, however they still have trust seals: "Fast shipping", "Easy returns", "24/7 Customer Service"- these are things that customers want to know, am I going to get my product fast, is it going to be easy to return if it doesn't fit me becase that's one of the main things when somebody is buying clothing online and then is somebody going to be available to answer my questions when I need help. These are just ways to go ahead and add that credibility to your actual store and your product.

The next thing is social proof, so let's look at some social proof here. Here they are using reviews, I believe this is loxx reviews, that's what they're using here. You can see here that customers get the product-excellent,love it and this is something they probably imported from Aliexpress, they're not real reviews, I mean they are real reviews but maybe not reviews that somebody that purchased this product got them for.

Let's take a look at Flawless Face, here we go-more social proof of people actually buying the product. Now not only does this invoke that people are buying it but also shows the product in hand, it shows how it's going to be coming, it gives them another sense of, okay I am going to get what it says I'm going to get here, people are buying this product, so I'm going to go ahead and buy this as well.

Another social proof I've noticed here is how many visitors are actually viewing it in real time. Now this is not a true counter, this is something you can incorporate, it just shows that people are on the site and actually watching the actual site.

Let's look at Color Pop- no reviews, but however look at their social. The created such a big brand for themselves that people just know who they are. Same thing for Fashion Nova-people just know who they are and most of their products simply do have reviews of people actually wearing it, but like I said these two complanies are very big on word to mouth, they're well  established brands, but I still wanted to show them to you because they're doing things right.

Let's look at the next thing, which is scarcity. I'm sure you've seen the scarcity, now here's a countdown counter-54 minutes to go ahead and buy this actual product, "1636 claimed-hurry, only a few left!", "High demand and low in stock! Get yours now!", "50% off for limited time only". This site, it looks so basic, however they average anywhere between 100-800 thousand visitors a month!

This is a high traffic site, so don't worry so much about how things look, more or less of how you're showcasing a product to your customer that they want. Look at this $69,98 USD for a product,  I've seen this in Walmart for $9 and I'm sure you can get it on Aliexpress for a lot less, but it's the fact of perceived value, how they're presenting it, how it's being used and if people buy, they buy.

Another thing that caught my attenton is  this "Frequently bought together"-you see this very often on Amazon where you buy one product and it says here's another product you can add to the total price and most of the time that actually helps you increase the actual order value of each, individual customer, so this is a great way to upsale, it's something that's very familiar because people buy on Amazon.

Again, looking at Amazon, looking at Ebay, looking all those companies at how they position their products is a great way to use as an example. Let's see here, here's another scarcity- "Limited stocks! Not available in stores!", so you can only get it online. There's just so many ways to add these scarcities that this here makes someone want to come and buy this product here and now.

Let's take a look-"Limited time-free shipping worldwide", those are the thing that, how long is this shipping going to be for, "70% off" and see how they're marking these prices down. We can probably find this on Aliexpress for a lot less than this. The other thing that they're doing here is using upsales, so they're upselling a little bit differently- buy more than one item, get a discounted price.

Look at companies and brands that are making good sales, take a look at this one, I scroll and I pass the add to cart and the add to cart now comes on top. That's effective because instead of me having to scroll, once I've got enough social proof you'll get people that will se this here and they'll buy it right away, they don't need to see anything else.

Then you get people that want more information, they want details and instead of them having to scroll all the way back up to actually add to cart, you need to simply add it on there, so that's highly effective.

Here I don't see any scarcity, I may be just missing it on here, however like I said Color Pop is a very established brand, so some of the tactics like that are not needed for them, but here-Fashion Nova, number 2 store in Shopify-" Hurry, almost sold out". It' something so simple, but something like that next to the add to cart button just creates an emotion inside your customers mind that makes them want to go ahead and buy.

Really just keep it simple-I think that's the most important thing. Let's take a look at Make Trendys site as a whole. It's a very simple site, you look at this and you're like really, this site right here is making over 6 figures a month?Yes, because it's really just keeping it simple, when it's really that they understand the products.

Look at this, this is the same product that BetterDeals is selling for $37,50-the same product and take a look here, they're selling it for $19,88. Same images, this is pretty hilarious what I just stumbled upon. It's just incredible at the difference of when you have a higher-priced item, you're going to need to put a little bit more work to validate that price point.

Let's take a look here, Rosie hair removal-$19,88, there's a picture-done deal, right? And you get here and it's called Flawless Face Epilator, so the difference in the title, the imagery-the first image that's being used there minus the first image that's being used here, they're using a product image instead of using an image of the product in use to improve their conversions.

They are still using an actual description, so that's helping have this scarcity, but you can tell here it's just a different approach, you can tell whos working this product a lot better and whos marketing is a lot better because you can tell, here are all the reviews of people using the products and when we come down here, here are the reviews but there's no images of the reviews.

It's really cool that I found this as you kind of can see the difference into where your price point doesn't really matter as much as if you know who you're targeting, you know how to setup your product page and you just create that sense that that value from $50 to $19,88 compared to what they're doing here where they say this cost $111,50 and there's 70% off so it's $37,50. You don't think that somebody's going to be more entice to actually buy this product?

Those are the things you kind of need to evaluate and look at, and keep it simple-don't look cheesy, but keep it simple. Once again: pictures of the item, engaging description, trust seals, social proof and scarcity-just keep it simple!

That's all I have for you guys! If you definitely enjoyed this video comment below, tell me some of the things that you took away from this, things that you're already doing. Just let me know if you want me to review your site-I'm going to start reviewing sites live, so go ahead and comment below or send me a message.

If you haven't already taken my free Shopify course, go in description, go ahead and sign up, whether you're a beginner or not this is going to show you how to get your store started, how to find products and how to begin actually market that actual product, you can generate your first sales if you haven't already. It's a completely free course, go ahead and check it out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I'll see you guys in the next one!

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