February 10, 2018

Video Highlights:

00:11 - Reason Why Shopify Stores Don’t Get Opened
00:35 - What is a Niche?
00:56 - Follow Your Passion, You Cant Go Wrong!
01:25 - Find a passionate audience with 1,000s of choices
02:00 - Why Bitcoin is a great market to tap into
02:45 - Gaming is a great community to tap into
03:22 - No Niche is Saturated!
04:26 - ShapeWear Is a huge trend!
05:40 - Free Dropshipping Course

Video Transcription 

What's going on! It's your boy, Santana with ElevatedWithin.com coming to you with another Shopify video.

So many of you don't get started with your Shopify Store because you don't know what Niche to jump into.

Today I'm going to show you 5 Top Niches in 2018, that you can get started with! Let's get ready...

Welcome back into my Money Making Machine!

So, what signifies an actual niche?

It’s a group of passionate people around a subject/topic/hobby that you can easily showcase a product to, pertaining to that passion!

The 5 Niches

The top 5 niches that I'm going to show you today are some things to get your mind flowing, and to get more ideas if you're struggling!

In my opinion, you should find whatever your niche is and just dive into that!

This will make for an easier transition because:

1) You already know where the people are spending time in that niche

2)You know what that niche is about

3) You know exactly what the people like

4) You're able to present products that are going to show support for that niche

5) Able to offer a solution to someone's problem within that niche.

Niche #1) Netflix

People binge watch tv shows all day long so it's a great opportunity for you to present an actual product for people that love certain tv shows.

Stranger Things, for example, you could easily go out there and find a product that is related and then market it to them!

Niche #2) Cryptocurrency

This has really hit mainstream within the last year, so it is a fairly new market.

Just like with the last example, you could easily create t-shirt products, create cellphone cases, mugs, etc.

You can find actual coins on AliExpress, that you can actually sell!

Reddit is a massive source of information on the Cryptocurrency Niche!

Wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and start showcasing these products to these people within Reddit!

Niche #3) Gaming Industry

Here are some ways presenting someone in this niche while improving their gaming lifestyle.

1) Gaming glasses

2) Tools to benefit players.

3) T-shirts!

4) Hats showcasing the love for the game they play!

Twitch is the massive resource for information on this niche!

I utilize twitch by seeing what games people are spending the most time on, and looking at products pertaining to that info!

Niche #4) Beauty Industry

A common trend here is that this niche is saturated.

No niche is saturated!

I try to stay away from actual cosmetic products that have chemicals, but rather sell them tools they need to apply those cosmetic products! (makeup brushes)

Niche #5) Fitness Industry

Here are some examples of the huge sub-niche game:

1) Bodybuilding

2) Yoga

3) Calisthenics

Once again, t-shirts are big here along with equipment, footwear, etc.

To wrap this up, you need to focus on what YOU are passionate about!

Comment below and let me know what you're passionate about and what niche you're currently in!

And as always, if you have any specific questions about this content don't be afraid to send them my way in the comments as well!

If you haven't done so already, please check out my FREE Shopify Course that I have linked in the description!

That's all I have for you guys today!

See you in the next video!

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