February 14, 2018

Video Highlights:

00:25 - Tops 3 Free Shopify Themes
01:11 - One Of The Best Converting Theme On Shopify
02:18 - The Perfect Theme For A Single Product Shopify Store
03:08 - Get This Theme Setup In Minutes
04:12 - A Theme Built For Performance 
04:57 - What Theme Do I Use?
06:15 - Free Shopify Dropshipping Course

Best Free Shopify Themes

Video Transcription

What's going on?!

It's your boy Santana coming at you with another Shopify video

Today I'm going to show you three themes you can use for your store to increase your conversions!

I'll see you inside!

Which Shopify Theme Should I Choose?

First things first, you want to have mobile in mind

Most of your traffic will be coming through cell phones and tablets

Optimizing for Mobile will then give your customers the best experience possible.

All three of today's themes are FREE so please utilize these tools!

Brooklyn Theme

This is the nice and clean go to theme

It's effective and the mobile version is immaculate

Since it is a theme offered by Shopify they give you great support to go along with it!

If you are undecided about where to start, this is the one for you!

Jumpstart Theme

Perfect for having one product

Great for crowdfunding products and pushing just one item!

Simple Theme

The name speaks for itself here

Very clean and effective!

Showcases your product without fluff!

The mobile version is very smooth

Almost a tie for me between this one and the Brooklyn Theme

Turbo Theme (high volume)

Built for performance and speed!

Not free!

What I use on my personal store is: Responsive Theme

Built by Out of the Sandbox and well put together for everything I need!

Just get out there and start!!

Mobile optimization is key! So these three have that covered!

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I'll see you guys in the next video!

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