February 12, 2018

Video Highlights

00:13 - Top 10 Products You Can Tap Into in 2018
00:35 - Fous On What Truly Matters
00:55 - Where Have You Seen This Product?
01:50 - You Most Likey Own This Product Already!
02:29 - Women simply love this product!
03:40 - Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
04:48 - Time Will Always Be Around!
05:34 - August Is Best Time To Sell This Product
06:32 - Target Business Professionals
07:57 - Give This Away As A Gift In Any Niche!
08:51 - Great Product To Build Awareness In A Big Niche
10:04 - What did you truly focus on?
10:43 - Register: Free Shopify Dropshipping Course

Video Transcription

What's going on?! It's your boy Santana with ElevatedWithin.com coming to you with another Shopify Video!

Today I'm going to show 10 products that you can tap into, in 2018, to start making money!

I'll see you guys inside!

Welcome Back!

I'm going to show you the 10 products, in my opinion, that are going to be great sellers in 2018!

Take a look at all of these, really digest the information, and apply something to your business/product.

Don't be surprised by these products being promoted all over social media currently!

I'm going to help with the actual trends, and how to go out there and promote them.

Shape Wear

Like I said, you've probably seen this product on one of the social media platforms.

ShapeWear is a niche within itself! A niche you can actually target!

There are so many variations within this product itself.

If you take a look at the ShapeWear Trends, it is fairly consistent.

That is great news for you!

Search Volume is another key factor in this decision.

All of this leads to you being able to dive right into this product/niche and make some money!

It may seem saturated, but it is in fact, untapped!

Don't miss out on the even bigger growth with this product over the next few years.

Phone Grips

The Phone Accessory market is flooded with items that go together!

The Trends may fluctuate but this is a product that is searched consistently.

That means that there is an opportunity there to pair this with another phone accessory product!


This popular trend consists of athletic wear designed to be worn casually as well!

Very popular with millennials!

Another product with fluctuating trends, but still getting consistent searches.

Some examples are Sports bra, tank top, legging, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc..

This really is a fitness sub-niche that will be gaining traction over the next couple of years.


Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the social media platforms to go with this niche!

Maternity Dresses

Maternity apparel is a multi-BILLION dollar industry!

It's beginning to be a trend that the Trends section leans toward fluctuation while search volume is consistent!

Facebook and Pinterest are the ones to focus on here!

Since the potential customers within this niche are going to be researching everything they can, starting a blog would be VERY crucial. (On maternity, how to start, pre/post-childbirth, etc..)

Minimalist Watches

Men are going to be your focus here.

This is another example of a market that is growing every single year!

Once again, Trends going up and down with the volume of searches staying consistent.

Don't count out women as customers though!


This is mainly due to the fact you can get lifestyle shots of them or the platforms previously mentioned.


Backpacks, handbags, purses are all part of a huge niche!

Wallets and tote bags are some more examples

Around August is when kids are going back to school so this product is the one to focus on at that time!

Backpacks have a variety of options on how to market each one differently (fashion, travel, fitness, etc)

The Trends section is consistent once again!

Portable LED Projectors

Salespeople and business professionals are two examples of great customers to market this product too!

Don't limit yourself to those people! Here are a few more examples:


Outdoor Niches

Basically any general store

The margins on these products are amazing!!

Search engines and Google AdWords would be the focus here, in my opinion

This is because this product would more likely be searched for on one of these and not Instagram.

The Trends section lends the same consistency Focus on Google Trends as well here!

Night Mask

Night mask sales are going up because they solve an actual problem!

Blocking light and sleeping more peacefully are two key components in the modern world of charging lights and phone screens.

This is another product that will be a compliment to many stores! (Travel, etc)

Trends are singing the same song as the previous products

Makeup Brush Cleaners

Since most people do not clean their brushes in between makeup applications, this is an untapped market!

The Beauty market is key here and this product can clean so many different applicators brushes!

Upselling is an option you will want to check out here! (with the purchase of a brush)

The Trends section is consistent here once again

Don't forget, if there are brushes out there they will need to be cleaned!

To wrap this up, please remember to always find and follow your passion first!

A familiarity is a huge tool in this ever-changing market!

That's all I have for you today!

If you haven't already please take advantage of my free Shopify Courses linked in the description below

It's literally a foundation you can build upon so check it out!

I'll see you guys in the next video!

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