November 13, 2017

Video Highlights:

00:25 Which Shopify Plan You Should Choose
00:52 Shopify Pricing Comparison
01:16 What is Shopify Lite Plan
01:51 Lets Talk About The Basic Shopify Plan
02:23 What’s the difference between Basic vs Shopify Plan
03:02 Who is the Advanced Shopify Plan Good For?
03:38 Why Reports Are So Important To Your Growth
04:08 Recommended Plan You Should Start With
04:46 Free Shopify Course

Video Transcription

What's going on?!

It's your boy Santana with Elevated

I'm coming to you with another Shopify video.

Today we are going to talk about which Shopify Plan you should go and choose.

Let's go ahead and jump straight into my Money Making Machine so I can break down the plans and show you guys how to get started. See you guys inside!!

Which Shopify Plan Should You Choose?

A very common question is, "What plan is right for me?".

 So I'm going to breakdown each individual plan in a way that's easy to consume and understand, so that you know its right for your business or your current point within Shopify.


Let's go directly to Shopify's website, and click on the "Pricing" tab.

From there, you're going to see all of Shopify's Plans and then a few others at the bottom.

Now, these are going to be the comparison between these plans, but like I said, I'm going to actually break these down even further to give you and/or your business a little more context.

The actual first plan that is available is called Shopify Lite.

The Lite Plan is perfect for anyone that already has a website, whether it be a blog or a podcast.

(Any kind of informational site that you are ready to sell products from.)

The Lite Plan gives you the opportunity to add products to those sites, be able to accept payments, be able to sell on Facebook, and be able to communicate with your customers via Facebook. It's really designed for someone who already has a site, so keep that in mind.

(Ending at 1:48)

The next one we are going to jump into is the Basic Plan.

The Basic Plan is like the "go-getter", the "Starter" Shopify Plan.

Most Shopify Stores jump right into the Basic Plan as soon as you're done with the 14-Day Free Trial.

Once you get a feel for Shopify, how to generate sales, how to create your stores, etc.. you want to use the Shopify Plan.

The huge thing between the Basic and the Shopify Plans isn't only the credit card rates, but more important for me personally will be the "Professional Reports".  Because it simply allows you to know who your customers are in detail.

You can also continue to improve your business and customer experience with these Reports, so that is very important!

(Ending at 2:46)

Like I said, when you are just getting started, the Basic Shopify Plan is great! It gives you everything you need to actually get started and once you start seeing some traction, then you can go ahead and bump up to the next level.

(Ending at 3:00)

The Advanced Shopify Plan is great for companies that would rather have their shipping handled by third parties.

It's nice for companies that have high revenues (avg: 10k+/month) for the extra features and fees.


The beauty of this plan is not only do you get the Professional Reports from the Shopify Plan, but you get the "Advanced Report Builder" as well!

I think that once you start scaling your store, your reports are going to be crucial in knowing how to execute scaling more efficiently.

They become so important to allow you to test, to do different projects, it's just going to be the way to go. As your business grows you want to start moving with your actual plan.

(Ending at 3:52)

If you already have a site and you don't want to move it over, go ahead and use the Shopify Lite Plan.

If you can get started with the Shopify Plan right out of the gate, do so!

That being said, really take a look at the "Pricing" Page on the Shopify site and see how important it is for you to have more than the Basic Plan offers!

If you haven't taken my free Shopify Course, inside that course I show you how to get your store started, how to find products, and how to market to actually generate some sales!  If you follow the course, you could see your first sale before your 14-Day Free Trial is up!

So many approaches to this, and I just wanted to break it down a little for you to help in choosing a Shopify Plan!

(Ending at 5:16)

Please use any and all of my free resources on my website!

I'll see you guys in the next video!

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